A few words about us…

TDM 2000 is a non governmental organization based in Italy (Sardinia).

Since 2000 we work in support of personal and professional development of young adults through a wide variety of activities including mobility, exchanges, trainings and the realization of international events.

We strongly believe in intercultural learning and understanding as key elements for better societies, that’s why we work to promote international cooperation at all levels: we develop and implement local, national and international projects, we create training materials, we participate to diverse European programmes and funds.

We have more than 10 years experience in hosting European Voluntary Service volunteers, trainees with Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs and Leonardo Da Vinci programme, Civil Service and interns through other types of European programmes.

Our work is developed at local and international level.

In over 15 years of activities TDM 2000 has heavily impacted the local community with concepts related to youth mobility in support of education and entrepreneurship, promoting and favouring the interaction between formal and non formal education as a tool to support personal growth and foster employability.

We have created the first agreement in Italy between Cagliari University and our NGO to allow students receiving credits for their non formal experiences abroad. This protocol has been shared and now many civil society organizations have similar agreements with local Universities. Thanks to our work, the Regional Government of Sardinia recognizes the importance of mobility programmes assigning a part of the annual budget to the related activities.

In 2008 we have created an international network of NGO’s called TDM 2000 International, spread in 22 countries and including 29 NGO’s.

TDM 2000 is therefore well known in all south Sardinia able to reach indirectly over 5000 companies belonging to various sectors – from accommodation and food to tertiary.

Thanks to our international network we are able to create links and mobility opportunities in different European countries.

TDM 2000 acts as hosting and intermediate organization, supporting the relations between the hosting companies and the trainees, facilitating their integration in the local community, assisting them for accommodation and mentoring them.

TDM 2000 provides appropriate on arrival training concerning basic Italian and intercultural learning. Pre-departure assistance and preparation will be provided in cooperation with the sending organization. Our almost 20 years of expertise allows to assist the sending organization with administrative procedures, practical arrangements, matching apprentice/learner profiles with the needs of companies in case of traineeships.

If you are interested in offering your learners and trainees an opportunity to have a working and life experience in Sardinia we are ready for cooperation and we can fix a chat online in the next 2 -3 days.


Contact: Angelica Perra – pangelica@tdm2000.org