More about the mobility…
The mobilities have a dedicated programme built prior departure, starting already during the selection
process and taking in consideration:
– Length of the placement
– Learning objectives
– Personal and professional development of the participant
– Personal and professional aspiration of the participant
– Impact and effects after the mobility
– The topic of the mobility

Milestones of the programmes:

Arrival day: welcoming
A warm welcoming prepared by TDM 2000 Staff – all costs are on our charge
1. We pick up the participant at the airport and bring him/her to the accommodation
2. At the accommodation they receive a welcome pack containing all necessary documents and instructions
for the first week of stay:
a. Schedule
b. Info-City map
c. Rules of the accommodation, keys, internet access and information on how to access to other
useful services
d. Useful contacts
e. Backpack with information about TDM 2000 and the hosting company
3. Administrative stuff
4. Welcome evening with all members and staff of the NGO

First day: meeting the working environment
1. Who does what in TDM 2000
2. Working Meeting with tutor and mentor
3. Refreshing project goals and Erasmus Plus objectives
4. Getting to know the environment around the office: transports, facilities and services

Second day: stepping in…
1. Programme of the mobility
2. Tasks of the internship
3. Workshop on intercultural learning
a. Who am I?
b. Where am I?
c. Who are the others?
4. City tour

Third day: stepping in part II
1. Cagliari, “cagliaritani” and their habits
2. Sardinia: people and culture
3. Working mentality
4. Presentation of the hosting company
5. Italian basics
6. City tour

Fourth day: preparing for the internship
1. Presentation of the hosting entity
2. Workshop: How to present ourselves to the hosting company
a. Participant preparation for the first meeting with the company
i. Personal information
ii. Educational and professional background
iii. Italian basics
b. Simulation of an interview/meeting
3. Visiting the company accompanied by our staff

Fifth day: preparing for the internship
1. How to behave in a work place: set of sessions on what to do and not to do at work.
Attitude to turn a good impression into good reputation
2. Italian basics

Ideally the participant should start the internship in the hosting entity on the second week of his
II-week programme: let’s start working!
The programme differs according to the hosting organization. Milestones:
1. Participants will spend half day with the hosting and half day with TDM 2000
2. First day will be the same for all participants
a. Presentation of the participant to the working team
b. Presentation of the working team: who does what
c. Recap of the working conditions
d. Reading and commenting together with the tutor the timetable and scheduled activities for the
e. Looking at other details of the working environment: dress code, logistic arrangements, working
f. Italian basics
3. The time that participants will spend at TDM 2000 for the remaining week is planned so that they will
learn about:
a. Team work
b. How to work in an international team
c. Time management
d. Risk management
e. Problem solving
f. Budgeting – basics
g. How to plan an event – basics
h. How to manage an event – basics
i. How to deal with customers and clients
j. How to deal with stakeholders