Iris’ Traineeship at TDM 2000

Dopo due mesi e mezzo di tirocinio presso TDM 2000, Iris torna in Spagna per concludere gli studi in Animazione Socioculturale e Turistica.
Di seguito un resoconto della sua esperienza:


Not Enough!
When you decide to go abroad for a traineeship for two months and everybody says – “Eh! You will have time to do a lot of things there”
But actually not.
2 months and 1/2 is not enough to get bored with the endless slopes of Cagliari, to admire the architecture of the city, to enjoy the amazing views from Bastione or be astonished by the sunset in Sella del Diavolo.
It is not enough time to smell the sea with its crystalline water, feel the sand in your skin, let your hair go with the wind or appreciate the warm sun in the cloudless sky.
Never enough.

That period is not enough either, to learn all what would you like to learn from the amazing TDM 2000 team. Not enough to absorb all the knowledge that they can share with you, the TDM 2000 spirit, 
their projects, actions and Erasmus + world. You will never finish your learning process with them.
But of course, of course, the two months and a half are not enough to stop meeting your new friends, taking crazy pictures, having fun together, eating pizza or pistachio ice cream and living together the amazing life in Cagliari.
Definitely 2 months and 1/2 are not enough, you will always want more and more about Cagliari, TDM 2000 and the people that you met here.


What I have learned:


– Italian basics, I can communicate with the basics Italian words and expressions, and I have also learned some Sardinian expressions;
– I improved my English level;
– Sardinian and Italian general culture;
– How to organize different kinds of events;
– Means of communication between the organization and the target group;
– To design and run activities for events or Youth Exchanges;
– To work in a team;
– To design and write Tourism Animation Projects;
– The importance of dissemination for projects and how to do it;
– To discover the Erasmus + programs and the steps to follow to write an Erasmus + project;
– More about the internal organization in an Association.