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Training Course “Enter to exit mode to Employability”

19/06/2015 - 26/06/2015

It’s generally realized that in Europe, even if the ideas of young people are incredible and substantial, however they face difficulties to develop and manipulate and bring these ideas into projects. They fight to find the bridge that will connect theory with practice. The reasons are many and complicate.
So, the main goal with this project is  to increase young people’s employability (self-employability or not) and give credit on the labor market by helping them develop certain skills and competences and at the same time fighting with youth unemployment and trying to help economy arise by reducing the unemployment and the negative effects of it and also promoting young people’s active citizenship. 
In the 7 days of the seminar gathering together in Cyprus 30 youth workers whom will be given useful tools and practical instruments for their work and will share their experiences, best practices, obstacles and ideas on how to work.

During the activities, we will concentrate on topics such as:
Competence of communication, Management and Leadership, Time Management, Budget and Financial Skills, Entrepreneurial Skills related in how to sell and buy an idea, IT skills, Sustainability and Research and Development, Healthy lifestyle and Stress Management, Developing future project ideas, Presentation of Erasmus+ and other EU Opportunities.

Non formal education will be the main methodology used in the training course. The methods used will include working group and group discussions, round tables, role playing, simulations, research, videos and activities stimulating creativity and participation of young people

Minimum requirements: intermediate level of English and at least 18 years old, membership of TDM 2000

Available places: 3

If you are interested to participate, please contact us: