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Seminario: “Role of Youth in Action in Youth Work Development”

04/06/2014 - 12/06/2014

“Role of Youth in Action in Youth work Development” will gather representatives from 47 promoter
organizations which are involved in provision of youth work in
different contexts and were using the Youth in Action programme in the past years. All of the partners
promoters invited on this Evaluation meeting have closely cooperated in the past years aiming
through their projects to improve the quality of service that they offer for young people. The
cooperation between different partners had certain influences in their provision of youth work thus
this meeting will aim to look at changes that happened due to flagship projects implemented, local
strategies and the effect of the European mobility involving hundreds of youngsters from all the
partner promoters. This project is a result of a need for more systematic evaluation after 7 years so to
assess the effectiveness and to identify the shortcomings. The meeting will aim to evaluate the level of
development of local youth work (quality systems, efficiency) and to identify the good practices and
the shortcomings from the work so far. Having such an evaluation meeting gathering very active
organizations from entire Europe will also be chance to explore the existing opportunities and
obstacles for development of Europe-wide youth work recognition systems.
The Evaluation meeting will provide the partners with tools and competencies to plan, conduct and
interpret qualitative evaluation of the effect of the YiA programme. Were the training courses
supportive for the local youth leaders, is EVS contributing to local youth work, are youth exchanges an
added value to the work provided in youth center. Once these and other questions are opened, we
can set realistic and achievable objectives for the new programme Erasmus+ based on the needs of
the young people and the local youth work reality.
The meeting will happen in Macedonia in June 2014.The results are published online and in a

We are looking for 1 motivated youngsters able to communicate in english and over 18 years old, available
places left: 1 – Participation fee for each project is 30% of the travel costs, plus the annual membership
fee 2014 (30€). For any questions, you can contact us by email at part3tdm2000@gmail.com.