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Scambio Giovanile “Embracing Multimedia for HRE”

10/03/2016 - 18/03/2016

“Embracing Multimedia for HRE” is a Capacity Building project which includes a series of events on human rights education and multimedia topic. This project aims to assist civil society organizations (CSOs) in addressing human rights issues through education and creative tools. The project promotes human rights education (HRE) and increase competences of youth workers/leaders to work in practice using multimedia skills with young people from marginalized target groups. This project is a strategic initiative that provides a unique, flexible and secure approach to raising young people’s awareness and capabilities. During the different activities the participants will be very much immersed into the issues of HRE, antidiscrimination and other related value-based topics. On the other hand, human rights protection remains an issue for most EU countries, especially new EU member states and countries in Europe’s south (http://europa.eu/pol/rights/).

Objectives set up in cooperation with partners of consortium:

• to develop competencies of youth workers/ leaders working with marginalized groups in key concepts of human rights education with young people

• to promote Compass manual and to familiarize the participants with its approaches and activities in order to use it and adapt in local realities

• to review and address essential knowledge, skills and attitudes for youth workers/activists working with disadvantaged target groups to offer to them practical tools how to work within HRE

• to promote Inno Lab techniques, multimedia and non formal education among youth leader who are working with human right education for young people

•To use multimedia tools to promote human rights education for young people

• to develop future partnership among youth workers/leaders in activity in order to set bridges of cooperation among experienced youth workers working in HRE

• To promote Erasmus +(Youth) programme as a tool for promoting young people rights and peer to peer education Multimedia tool will be used to promote Human Rights Education. Media is a strong tool to promote common values, to fight against racism and xenophobia and promote human rights.

For this reason we think is very important to work with it and especially for exploring the concept of human rights, citizenship and promote participation of young people to be active citizen of our Europe

Minimum requirements:4 participants from 18 years old. The Leader should be already active in their home communities, whether as volunteers, youth workers or motivated change makers, with medium level of English (Spoken and Written) and the other participants can be youngsters from 18 years old. Lastly, have the membership of TDM 2000.

Available places: 5 (4+ 1 youth leader)

If you are interested to participate, please contact us: part3@tdm2000.org