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Corso di Formazione “The EP Project”

05/05/2014 - 11/05/2014

This 5 day long Training Course will revolve around the up and coming European Parliament Elections that will be taking place all over Europe towards the end of May. It will delve into the institution of the European Parliament, its role, its functions and its powers, as well as how it relates to the other institutions that make up the European Union. It will discuss the concept of democracy and explore the true meaning of having the right to vote. It will do this with the scope of combating the general disinterest towards international politics and to encourage youths to be more active in society.

The project will take place making use of non-formal methods of education such as group discussions and more physical exercises like role-plays in order to entice the young leaders to participate and contribute their opinions. The project will be run in Pembroke, Malta and will have a total of 24 participants coming from 8 different countries: Malta, Estonia, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Spain, newly joined Croatia and the pre-accession country of Turkey.

We are looking for 3 motivated youngsters able to communicate in english and over 18 years old, available places left: 3 – Participation fee for each project is 30% of the travel costs, plus the annual membership fee 2014 (30€). For any questions, you can contact us by email at