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Corso di Formazione “New Skills for the future entrepreneur”

05/09/2014 - 13/09/2014

“New Skills for the future entrepreneur” is a training course between 5-13 September 2014, with 10 different countries, which will be implemented by Synergia organization in Braga, the city that was nominated as European Youth Capital in 2012. At a time when unemployment in Europe is increasingly alarming, there is an urgent need to train young people and youth leaders with new skills. The traditional career ceased to exist and, it’s essential for young people to be creative and dynamic, arranging tools to enter in the labor market, increasingly difficult to access. This project comes with the purpose of sharing best practices among associations of different countries, encouraging intercultural awareness, cultural diversity and empower the leaders of these associations and youth participants with new tools, so they can create the same conditions in their own countries. Will also be discussed themes related to ICT as a tool for development of entrepreneurial attitude. Participants will be able to share their knowledge with others, supporting them in developing these same skills. This is a project that can be replicated in any of the partner countries which have a strong impact on local communities. It will be like a cycle: the more people do this training, most people can turn into true entrepreneurs; they may continue to replicate the training, forming new entrepreneurs.”

We are looking for 3 motivated youngsters able to communicate in english and over 18 years old, available places left: 3 – Accomodation and Food are covered by the programme, and a maximum contribution of 275 euro is granted for the travel costs. Participant is also required to pay the annual membership fee 2014 (30€).. For any questions, you can contact us by email at