A giugno il Corso di Formazione “ICL – Brings People Together” a Cagliari

Si terrà a Cagliari, dal 3 al 14 Giugno, il corso di Formazione “ICL – Brings People Together”, ospitato dall’Associazione TDM 2000 e finanziato dall’Agenzia Nazionale per i Giovani Italiana attraverso il programma Gioventù in Azione della Commissione Europea.

Di seguito il sommario del progetto:

“As societies become increasingly multicultural and multiethnic, so does the importance of promoting such diversity. This training course will take place in Cagliari, Italy and bring together 30 youth workers from 10 countries, 5 EU and 5 from EECA (East Europe and Caucasus). During 7 days they will be working on intercultural learning. Looking back into history we can see that there were several waves of migration, so basically Europe now is a home for different nations and cultures. This is reality where we live and it doesn’t simplify it. Living back to back to each other in a multicultural environment there is a huge distance between us. It has never been, and still is not, easy to find ways to accept those differences and to live with them peacefully. Interests and politics divide people according to their ethnic, religious, or other background in order to provoke conflicts and to be able to redistribute political and social power or geographical territories. There is no country in Europe with its borders where people speak only one language, where only people of one nation live. Coming closer in Europe could be a chance to develop dialogue among citizens of different countries, to learn from and enrich each other, and finally, on a larger scale, to newly define our relations to other parts of the world. Therefore with this TC we would like to provide youth workers with tools for “intercultural learning” as an effort to understand the complexity of today’s world by understanding others and ourselves better and to empower them to deal with the potential of change, which can have a positive and constructive impact in our societies. In order to achieve aims and objectives of the training course non-formal methods of education will be used (role-plays, brainstorming, working in the small groups, discussions etc.).”

Le organizzazioni e i paesi coinvolti saranno:

EU countries:

– VIA CIVIC Association (Bulgaria)

– Anaptyxiako Kentro Thessalias (Greece)

– Associazione TDM 2000 (Italy)

– One Terrene International Latvia (Latvia)

– Asociación Dianova España (Spain)

EU neighbouring countries:

– Youth view non-governmental organization (Armenia)

– Belarusian Youth Public Union “New Faces” (Belarus)

– Youth for Peace and Equality (Georgia)

– Kharkiv Women Civic Organization Center “Perspective” (Ukraine)


Per maggiori info sul programma, è possibile consultare i siti